How can you separate the premium cleaning companies from the amateurish ones? I have heard the question a thousand times from exasperated people who were disappointed by the lack of professionalism of their contractor. While the answer may be elusive, here are the three primary features you should always look for when you choose a cleaning partner.

  1. How much information can you find right away? If all you come across are general terms and no concrete information, my advice is to steer clear from this particular company. The leading contractors give precise and comprehensive information about their pricing range, service portfolio, working hours, operational policy, etc.
  2. Check the support system. Nothing will give you a better idea for the quality of specific company than the first contact – the leaders in the industry invest a lot of time, training, and money on their support teams. If you do not receive a friendly and helpful welcome right away, why waste your time any further?
  3. Make sure this is the suitable contractor for your specific job. Let’s say you need an urgent area rug stain removal and you call the first carpet cleaning company you find online. A few hours or even a day later, it turns out they only treat carpets, and the whole experience has been one big misunderstanding – not quite helpful, is it?

Once you get through these three steps, you can also check the overall reputation and feedback for the company you intend to book.